About me


Children are super! They are curious, straightforward and enthusiastic. By treating these little human beings with respect, warmth, encouragement and consistency it is possible to build a friendly relationship that allows them to feel safe and grow.

Meeting children at eye level is important for them to feel confident and taken seriously.

If they have questions, I’ll answer.
If they don’t understand, I’ll explain.
If they feel sad, I’ll comfort.
If they start a pillow fight, I will defend myself.

It’s important for kids to play and explore, so I’m basically up for anything they enjoy doing: running around, climbing, drawing, crafting, singing, dancing, dressing up, collecting sticks and stones, reading or simply talking to one another, always aware of the fact that girls and boys are to be treated equally.

About me

I'm Teresa and my career as a caregiver began almost 20 years ago. I was 12 and the two boys in my neighborhood were 1 and 4. Their parents went out and I was in charge. Quite a thing for a teenager-to-be. Having 2 brothers might have made it easier but growing up with siblings doesn’t automatically make you a nanny.

Throughout my school years I kept on working, making pocket money by looking after babies, surprising kids as Santa Clause or helping younger pupils with German, English and Spanish. It was fun – for both parties. Getting paid for something you really like doing is amazing.

The years went by and whichever road I took, there were always kids in my life – some only for a few hours, others for several years.

After moving to Berlin at 24 I started volunteering as a „time donor“ for an organization called Nestwärme – a network which helps families with kids that need special care and attention. Through spending time with an awesome little girl and her strong mom I felt like I found my purpose. This lead to my first 3 week-long holiday camp for troubled and differently abled kids and after this intense learning experience I was hooked. I decided to quit my distance studies in literature and philosophy in order to bring everything together that’s important to me: human beings, language and communication, creativity and, above all, doing something that means a lot to others: I became a speech-language pathologist. 3 years of proper education and 3 jobs at the same time. Not always easy but definitely worth it.

After nearly one year in a private speech therapy clinic outside Berlin where I mainly treated children with speech development problems I moved to Malmö with my Swedish husband.

And here I am now, as the founder of THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, offering super child care.

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